Keeping Salem

The Salem Republican Town Committee is committed to electing Republicans to further the positive growth conservative policies have created for this town.

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Our Values
No Income or Sales Tax
Not Now,
Not Ever!

Committed to Getting Republicans Elected

The Salem Republican Town Committee is committed to improving the lives of the citizens of Salem, New Hampshire by bringing common-sense government to the town and state.

Purpose: The Salem Republican Town Committee is organized to recruit and support Republican candidates who endorse low taxes, local control, and limited government.



Steven Goddu, Chairman
Jeff Hatch, Vice Chairman
Ed Huminick, Treasurer
John Sytek, Secretary

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Ways to support Salem Republicans

We're in the business of getting Salem Republicans elected.


Your financial contribution to the Salem Republican Town Committee will help our organization support Salem Republicans


Volunteering your efforts, either through door-to-door or phone calls, will have the biggest impact on getting Republicans elected this November.


Every street and neighborhood needs to be organized in order to secure victory this November. Help us organize your neighborhood team!


Voting takes place on September 8th for the primary and November 3rd for the general election. Your vote is your most powerful contribution!
How to Vote
Want more information before getting involved? Please contact us.